Advantages of village:-
1.if we are in village we can know more relations 
2.and we can live our family members villages pollution is not there
4. in villages all people will treat us as we are there family members
5.we can feel a pleasant environment
6. nature is very pleasant and beautiful
1.people in villages were not educated. no facility for education
2.we cant know modern technology
3.we  cant know how we can behave in society
4.we are not able to speak with city people more effectively
5.we cant earn more money
6.we cant lead our life greatly proper transport facilities

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Advantages of village 1. Less pollution is there 2. In village there is more greenery than city. 3. Less crowd is there. 4 people behave good with each other. 5. They respect each other. Disadvantages of village 1. People are not educated 2. Less water is there 3. Electricity is also less . are not easily available. People have to come in city for job. 5 transport facilities are also not there.
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