Yes I agree with the statement that "Girl education is not a burden",and it should not be a burden either... Cause if a girl is educated,she can take care of her famliy, she builds up her house on a strong rock.She teaches her children good and bad tooo,moreover if she is educated she can stand on her own feet she does'nt need to be dependent on any man.Above all using her intelligence she can save herself from the exploitation taking place in our society.If girls education is treated as a burden then she will have no knowledge about her responsibilites and she won't be able to bring up her family and will gradually become a hindrance to the family and the others in her family will be the ultimate sufferers.And then the people who are against girl child education will realize their folly of not letting girl's get educated.Therefore instead of regretting of our mistake later on lets think reasonably at this moment itself .
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