Swachh Bharat is officially launched on 2nd Oct 2014 in New Delhi. Narendra Modi started it and himself cleaned the road. The campaign is india's biggest drive. The government employees,students of india participated in this wonderful event.Not only they but also the ministers and rich people participating in it.In this way we get clean and green India.
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 Swacch Bharat,or Clean India was a mega-cleanliness program launched by Hon'ble prime minister Shri. Narendra Modi on Gandhi Jayanthi 2014. It was in the footsteps of our Father of our Nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

  Gandhiji had a view on an India where every desk,room,floor,house,street,city,district and state was clean with no exceptions. Many Schools and other instituitions have taken this up as their prime matter.
  We must take strong and far steps to clean india and we must take it as our most prime matter.