Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) made undrinkable by the addition of very bad-tasting chemicals (denaturants) which usually also have offensive odor, such as butyl alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, methanol, or pyridine. The objective of denaturing is to escape the excise duty levied on drinkable ethanol. Also called methylated spirit. See also completely denatured alcohol (CDA) and specially denatured alcohol (SDA).


A denatured alcohol is an ethyl alcohol that is unfit for drinking but is still useful for other purposes.
Denatured alcohol is ethyl alcohol (ethanol or grain alcohol) containing a foul-tasting or toxic chemical, added to make it unfit for human consumption. Common additives include acetone and methanol, both toxic to humans. Denatured alcohol is used for lab experiments, to make rubbing alcohol, and as an ingredient in many hand sanitizer products.