Media is the modern wheel. A wheel can help transport people from place to place, but if someone is run over by the wheel, he can die. Media is good and bad. It wasn't as bad when it came into existence.

Media shrinks the world. If we are in Uk or somewhere, we can be a call, email or chat away from our loved ones, all thanks to the wonderful gift of media.

However, media has it's bad side too. Nowadays many are tricked into addiction, gangster life, crime, and bad company. Media can advertise false products that might cause drug addiction.

The computer connects the world by wires whilst media shrinks it. The computer network can help transfer, documents pictures and so on from on part of the globe to another. It makes everything easier.

The computer networks can also be a bad sign sometimes. With the introduction of Social Medias, many are falsely made to join negative people.

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