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Children are the wealth of a nation. They signify hope and  growth. They are so innocent that even grown ups can forget their daily worries watching small children. We can learn so many things from children like selflessness, not being jealous and purity in friendship. The ability of being oneself without being pretentious is to be learned from children by all of us. It is said that today's children are tomorrows citizens in whose hands the progress of the nation depends. Just like adults they also have a mind of their own, hence their wishes are also to be taken into consideration and no decisions are to be forced upon them.Children are more creative and talented compared to adults because they have natural ideas and are open to learning.Children no doubt are the future of a nation, if brought up well.
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       Hello friends,   I wish to express some of my views on children today.  I hope you will like that.

     Children are the most important people in the world. They appear so innocent, intelligent, helpful, and altruistic beings.  They bond with those who like and love them.  They are the promising future of our nation.  Children learn a lot of things from their elders and teachers.  Children follow them.  After many years the same children lead and take care of their elders. 

     Children like sweets, peace, music, sports, games, art, detection and every interesting activity.  They are so creative. Many children demonstrated their talent very early in their life.  Even bad people like their own children and hope their children will do good things.  Children need just love and care.  Good Children are like Gods living, as they are well wishers of the world.

    I thank you for giving me this opportunity and listening to me silently and attentively.

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