Respected Sir, 

I am writing this letter to  bring some of my views about pollution and see if I can join the  effort for  reducing pollution to make our life better.

We are living in a polluted atmosphere which can bring about serious health issues. The smoke and Carbon Monoxide filled in the air due to the huge number of motor vehicles on the road , makes it difficult to breathe while travelling. Even houses near the roads are not free  from theses gases. Cutting of trees have worsened this situation. The pollution of water bodies by persons and factories, have made drinking water too scarce.

We need to immediately launch an effort by creating awareness among people to make them understand how humans are destructing the great wealths nature has given us. If pollution continues at this rate, we need to understand the Earth will not be there for us to live like this.We should n't exploit Mother Earth, but preserve her with all our strength like we do to our own mother.

Let me reiterate that I would be glad to be a part of any initiative to stop pollution and save our beloved Earth,  with all my heart

Thanking you 
Yours sincere;ey