When displaying very small fractional or decimal values
very small fractional or decimal values may appear unclear on a
bar graph, however, the intervals can be chosen so that very small values are more clear. also, tick marks and grid lines can be added to a bar graph to make it easier read such values.
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Bar graph is better than a pictograph when the exact quantities of the commodities represented are to be known.  In a pictograph, one needs to count all the symbols/icons and then multiply with the scale factor.  Where as in a bar graph, one has to read the value written next to the bar.

Pictograph is better when we just need to compare and know which is more and which is less and exact values are not needed to be calculated.  Pictographs are more impressive and can be used when data is to be understood by people of different languages or cultures.

Pictograph requires more space, if we need to see icons clearly.  Fractions can also be represented by pictographs.  However, they may not appear so elegant.

For both bar graph or pictograph, we first make the frequency table from the data.

Bar graphs are better indicative as they show exact numerical value.  Also, to indicate negative values and positive values, it looks easier in a bar graph. 

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