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Hello friends, I will talk on an important topic that is relevant in this fast times. 

   The constant thing in life today is "change".  What it means is that  the there is always a change in every one's life.  These changes can be in one's daily life, job, environment, income, living standard, competition, status in life and so on.

    Often, when our life is going good, we wish to have the same thing continue forever.  We hope that all good things remain constant. Like we wish that beautiful spring remains through out the year. 

    However, nothing remains constant, in general.  This is true of the individual life or the society.  Even if we do not want changes to occur, changes penetrate in to our lives from many sides.  It is not possible, to prevent them or oppose them. 

   Therefore, it is important that we be flexible and sporting in adapting to changes. If we do not respond positively to the external changes, we may become obsolete.  We lose prominence and importance.  Americans, Koreans, Germans and Japanese advanced a lot due to their readiness to be unorthodox and to change.

   Finally, I will say that to survive and progress, we need to change for the better.  It is the law of nature and evolution.

   I conclude with that and thank you all for listening attentively.

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