the functions and powers of the Prime Minister
Prime Minister has wide ranging powers.
1. He chairs Cabinet meetings. He coordinates the work of different Departments.
2. His decisions are final in case of any dispute arises between Departments.
3. He exercises general supervision of different ministries. All ministers work underhis leadership.
4. The Prime Minister distributes and redistributes work to the ministers. He also hashe power to dismiss ministers. When the Prime Minister quits, the entire ministryquits.
5. The Prime Minister controls the Cabinet and Parliament through the party.
the functions and powers of president areĀ 
1.the president in India a nominal executive
2. The President supervises the overall functioning of all the political institutions inthe country so that they operate in harmony to achieve the objectives of the state.
3. All the major decisions are taken by the council ministers headed by the Primeminister- the role of the president is only to accept it or sign it.
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