Homework, in an educators perspective is most essential for students, as it helps to memorise or practice what they have learnt at school. The teachers strongly believe that homeworks would enhance the students skills in learning. This can be true in the case of students who ignore their studies abd just have fun. Doing some work at home regarding the lessons covered at school, would make them acquainted with that part of the lesson.

But coming to the view point of students, ` Life is not a project" ! Life needs to be enjoyed too. After all the long hours of studies at school, if they are given tasks or homework, to be done at home, it takes away all their time, and will leave them always working. We can cite the famous saying ' All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!' If the students make use of their time at school listening carefully and grasping what the teacher teacher, then homework is certainly unnecessary. The aim is to learn, and not to keep children all the time busy, without letting them enjoy their childhood