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     Global warming is the steady increase  in the average temperatures of Earth's atmosphere (and Earth's surface). The measurements are taken over long duration of time.  Our atmosphere has been getting warmer much faster in the last two decades as compared to the temperature rises in the previous century.


     One of the main reasons for the warming is the increased emissions of greenhouse gases, by people and their activities.  These gases are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, chloroflurocarbon (CFC) and Ozone.  It seems even the clouds could contribute to the radiation levels.  The ozone layer depletion is one result of the green house gases, by free radical Chlorine ions produced by UV radiation from the Sun.  If ozone layer becomes ineffective, then we all will suffer.


     Deforestation and fossil fuel burning are some causes that increased the amounts of these gases in the atmosphere. Burning of gas, coal, oil, flares, cement production etc are reasons too.    Global warming has an effect on the climate at many locations, affecting crops and human system.  There have been many economic loses.


     There are some efforts by various governments for reducing vehicular pollutions. There must be more mitigation activities like enhancing the carbon sink, natural sink (reforestation),  increasing energy efficiency.  Utilizing more of nuclear energy and renewable energy sources can also mitigate greenhouse gas amounts.

     We all understand the harms of global warming. So we all must agree together to minimize the global warming effects and stop exploitation of the environment and ecosystem for short spanned selfishness.  Save Earth and Save atmosphere.

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       There is now a general agreement in the scientific community that the average temperature of the earth is increasing and that this global warming is a major problem. This increased temperature is expected to lead to disappearance of forests, some animals to be extinct, destruction of crops resulting in hunger and famine, expansion of deserts and a rise in sea level . This would create further complications for  the life on earth.

          Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid 20th century. The generally accepted theory about global warming is that the release of greenhouse gases from the burning fossil fuel and from land-use is responsible for the recent temperature rise.

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