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     We have an important role in making India clean.  We have a large number of people who are educated and in the process of learning.  Cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene are subjects that we learn in lessons and elders teach us.  We can simply put these principles in practice.  Further, we can help other ignorant people become aware of them. 

    Simply maintain our rooms and house clean.  Do not throw garbage everywhere. Toilets must be used for passing urine and defecation in the open must be forbidden.

      We can participate in competitions on slogans, essay writings, painting and poster competitions.  That makes everyone more aware of the problems and issues related to cleanliness in India.  We must follow the disciplined ways of maintaining neatness and cleanliness.  At public places during functions or celebrations, we must avoid littering and inform other people not to litter around.  We can set an example to others over there.

    We can help ignorant or illiterate family members.  We can think of good solutions for the issue.  We can participate in cleaning school campuses, playgrounds and surroundings on Sundays or other days.  We can participate in the campaigns help by nearby communities or schools.  As we walk along roads to the schools, we observe localities spreading stink and garbage. We can pass the information to the elders. Then that problem will be sorted out by responsible persons.

     Since we grow up to be future citizens, our habits and discipline helps maintain India clean later.  We must stop throwing things in to the rivers and prevent others too.  We must show to the world that we are well cultured and are scientific too.

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Swatch Bharat is a dream of every Indian that should be accomplished by the combined effort of each individual in the country. We are responsible for the progress of our country and we need to take initiative to keep our country clean, without waiting for anyone else to come along. Gandhiji had once said,  ``You can ask everyone to help, but if no one comes, you must go alone, but do the job" We have to follow the steps of the Father of Our Nation, and must take a pledge to keep our country clean, no matter how much pain one has to endure for its sake.

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan is a cleanliness drive in India under the leadership of the Prime Minister keeping this in view. We have to join hands with it, and encourage our locality, to practice cleanliness. For that first we have to keep our house and surroundings clean and then move on to bigger areas.