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1.They are talking in the classroom.

2.We are listening to music.

3.His friends are playing in the ground.

4.Stars are shining in the sky.

5.Deer are searching for water.

6.You are my friend.

7.Those flowers are appearing to be pink.

8.Mice are very naughty animals.

9.Are you free tomorrow?

10.You are going to win the race.

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We are friends.
They are playing cricket.
We are going for a picnic today.
The girls are singing.
We are debating upon something.
They are our friends.
They are laughing unnecesserily.
We are the members of a sport club.
Uniforms are necessery in every field of life.
We are going for an excursion tommorow.
The boys are playing Carrom.
The two families are quarreling.
They are our guests.