Over the years man has made a number of discoveries and inventions , one cannot say which one is the best of all. Different people will have different views on it.
Well according to me , mobile phones are the best invention made by man.Over the click of a button, calls can be made to people thousands of kilometres away.Long ago people had to send letters, and wait for days to have the reply.The invention of mobile phones has made life easier in the fields of communication.Now-a-days, mobile phones are not just used for voice communication but we can also have a face-to-face chat.Features like the internet facility and GPS which are now accompanied with phones have made internet portable and the cost at which they are available has made it affordable for the common man.
So according to me , mobile phones are one of the best inventions made by mankind .
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Ago many years man had made some beautiful inventions .this says that nothing is impossible for human being.
there are so many inventions such as T.V,radio,aeroplane,telepone etc.....
these are very useful in our daily life