I am a black, race horse. My name is Black Pearl. Though every one cheers for me while racing, and thinks of me as a lucky horse , let me confess that I am a very lonely horse. I have no one of my own near me. I was taken away from my mother when I was too young to be trained as a race horse. They  gave me good food, care and good training, but no one wants to know what I want. I yearn for my family, and wonder if I would ever see my mother again. I race each day like a machine, though I feel dead tired many a time and do not want to go. But, I hardly have a choice , just working like a slave dancing to the master's tunes. One day I will become old and may not be able to race for them, then I will be abandoned or shot down under the pretension of being saved from pain ,but the reality being  no one would want to provide free food for me , while I can't earn for them!
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