We get electricity from fuels process-is by using fuels we heat up water and that helps in rotating turbines by water vapor this will result in generating electricity this electricity is supplied to our houses by setting up electricity poles
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We generate electric power using the electromagnetic induction principle.  An emf is induced in a conductor coil when it moves in a strong magnetic field.  The coil is placed on a rotor which rotates continuously. 

Electricity is obtained when electrons in a conductor move continuously under the influence of a potential difference.

The electricity is then transmitted from the generator station to houses by appropriate methods in three phases.

Some fuel is burnt to heat water to form steam.  The Kinetic Energy, heat energy and pressure energy of steam is used to rotate the rotor inside a generator.  Then alternating current is generated.

Nuclear fission or fusion is used in a nuclear reactor to heat water and that steam rotates the rotor in the AC generator.

A DC battery generates electricity due to the movement of ions inside the battery.  Due to the charges accumulated on the two terminal plates, an electric potential is maintained.  Then ions travel to the oppositely charged plates.  The electrons in the wire connected to battery terminals also travel under the influence of the potential.

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