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    A genius could be a misfit in the society.  It is also possible that a genius is not  a misfit. It depends on how the genius looks at his life and contributes to the society and how society feels about him/her.

   Often geniuses do not like to lead the life that a society offers.  They may not feel like interacting with and living with people of less intellectual capabilities.  They choose a different society and different world. Often geniuses do not do any productive work to the society directly through their work.  They contribute indirectly and after a long time, their contributions may become useful.

   Some times geniuses do not want to live with the facilities, compensation/ remuneration given to them and they may become disappointed and become useless in time. 

     It is possible that in the real society and conditions such as India is facing, a genius may not have sufficient opportunities at the top or earning potential.  So genius become unfit due to saturation, need for work, projects, infrastructure, funds etc. 

     All depends on how the society or the country makes use of the genius person, and the good nature of the genius.

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