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There are 2 types of dustbins . 
1) Green Dustbin - That is used for collecting kitchen waste plant or animal waste or biodegradable waste.

2) Blue Dustbin - That is used for collecting non- biodegradable waste like plastic , metal and glass objects.
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There are usually two types of dustbin or garbage bins provided on streets in advanced countries.

1. Blue Garbage container 

        For general waste from house. This could be all types of food, chemical materials, that will decompose and stink.  These are regularly cleaned every day by municipality.

2. Green garbage container - for  recyclable materials.

     Many recyclable materials like tin cans, or aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic items, paper, rubber materials etc.  They do not stink .  These are collected by the agencies which do the recycling.  There may be one for each type of material.

   The materials we throw can be of the following types.

1.  The waste from kitchen - the organic waste from cooking.  This can be biodegradable and gas can be produced from it.

2. A bin for glass materials.  The glass bottles can be crushed, melted and new bottles can be manufactured.

3.  Plastic :  these materials can be crushed , melted and used for making new bottles or tins.

4. Paper -  these can be crushed , made in to pulp, purified and new paper can be made from them.

5. Rubber - these can be crushed and oils can be manufactured..

6. Tin (or aluminum) cans - Cans of beverages like coke or juices.  These are crushed, melted and used for manufacturing of new cans.

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