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Well, symptons may varie, but it mostly badly effects the left side of your brain and your eyes but when you are a teenager or a young person it affects your attitude and social life. Your brain may throb and you will get very hungry as your brain takes up the most nutrients, your fingers may get blisted and red by sweat and your feet will go numb, your eyes may find It harder to see. You will get very attached and get ratty when coming off, but you should ideally take a break, or play the kinect!
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Video games, if played constantly can bring about serious harms to your health. Vision of eyes  tend to get spoilt due to constant strain, and lack of physical activity might damage your health. Sitting in once place constantly can cause back pain too. The most serious effect is that it may affect your ability of  concentration also, though it give s maximum fun. Hence do not try to play video games constantly, play for some time, but focus on your studies more. as only studies can take you to progress.
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