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Irst, some information about HTML:
To program in HTML we use "tags". They are the ones that give format to the text that is going to appear in your website, make tables, insert images, etc.
A tag goes between this symbols "< >", like this <xxx>.
Everything else that is not between "< >" is what is going to appear in the website.
There are two kinds of tags: open and close.
Open tags have just one key word, for example: <xxx> .
Close tags (the most common ones) have two key words, the last one goes at the end of the sentence you want appear in the website and have the symbol "/", for example:Type <html> <body> Welcome to my first web site </body> </html>
<yyy> hi, my name is Dane </yyy>.Open a new notepad documentGo to the folder where you save the document, there you will find the document with the IExplorer symbol.
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