The emigration Act 1983 is the indian law governing migration and employment of indian abroad. it alsolays out condition to safeguard the intrests of workers emigrating for employement. Embasis set up by the Indian government in different countries expected to follow the legal procedures and protect the welfare of the international migrants as given in emigration Act. At times, migrant workers are not paid salaries ,recruetment agents cheat prospective workers or collect more than prescribed fees for their in getting work foir workers abroad employers also terminate the job contrct before its expiry, changes the employment contract to the disadvantage of migrant worker, pay lessthan the agreed salary and freeze fringe benefits and other perks. they often force them to do over time without making addditional payments, and deney permisssions to keep one's own passport.    Indian migrant workers seldom lodge any compalint against their forgn employers for the fear of loosing their jobs.
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