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Clean well your room and House,

Breathe Healthy Air nice and fresh,

Don’t let the mosquitoes and viruses flourish,

Protect yourself from pollution and disease.


Throw garbage only in the proper bins,

So happy will be the strolling pedestrians.

Unhappily dying will be germs and worms ,

Sleeping soundly will you be in your dreams.


Stop defecating and urinating in everywhere,

Just ask yourself if it is manners and proper.

Spending two hours for the common good helps

Go on community Clean drives on these nice Sundays.


Just not litter around the places,

Construct toilets in schools and public locations,

Hold it up high the grand image of Indians,

 Once acclaimed the most cultured and learned human beings.


Prime Minister Modi’s practical and ingenious mission,

Helps not only to realize the great Mahatma’s dream,

But also enhances the image of Indian intelligent gem,

Let's continue for five years our role and contribution.


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From Village to town, town to city- litter litter every where,
Not a place to rest a while, its a nightmare.
Listen my Indian brothers and sisters!
why are you marching towards darkness?
Light in your hands still eyes are closed.
Can you see the tears of Mother India !
All enduring cleanliness, a virtue next to godliness,
Simplest ,cheapest mandatory duty for all to perform.
Pick your broom, make your mind to join millions.
Time is right to show your might
For bright future,social wellbeing and natural beauty,
 and pay a tribute to Mahatma , he is watching.
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