Operation Blue star was the Indian military operation, ordered by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in June 1984 to gain control of the Golden temple in which Bhindranwale and his followers had established their headquarters. This ended up in the beautiful building being heavily damaged and heavy casualties incurring on the army. The sikhs were greatly pained at the operation conducted at their holy gurudwara, and its condition after the operation. This situation lead to the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh body guards in October 1984.
Operation Bluestar is a gigafactory (1000 acres, 10 million square foot facility) that will allow for the manufacturing of 500,000 electric cars a year. These cars will be cheaper, faster, and easy to obtain once this gigafactory goes live in 2017. You will never pay for gas again. You will pull up, charge in minutes, and leave, no charge. At launch it’s expected 98% of America will have access to a charging station. Silicon valley expert Michael Robinson used all his resources to conduct his own investigation into the secret project. Calling it an “economic war” between the states vying for control of what will likely turn out to be the biggest development project of the decade.

California was the first pick but apparently that is no longer the case and now Texas is pulling every string it can, including media outlets, to get the rights to the project.

There are 3 other states fighting for the rights but Michael Robinson believes the project will be built across multiple states.