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Cleanliness is very important in life because it is associated with progress.If cleanliness and healthy living is practised, the surroundings and environment will become clean, pollution will decrease and health of people will improve. With good health, people will have to spend less for treatment of diseases and focus more on their works and earn more money for their living. This could make their living conditions better and provide more opportunities to educate their kids. Since kids are the future of the country, development will naturally happen, with educated citizens in the country.
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A clean and a healthy environment would definitely contribute to the absolute national develolment as it is very much important for a healthy living of an indivitual.Health of the people living in an unhealthy country will be adversely affected.Only healthy persons can lead the people tomorrow.Also a healthy mind creates a healthy mind.It makes one happy and helps him out of depression and stress.Healthy youth are now needed to work in different sectors and they are mostly employed.So it should be only possible if we make our country a ckean and a healthy place to live in. In order to promote a healthy surrounding in our locality we should go hand in hand.We should make others aware on environmental issues that cause several damages.Also,we should not allow anyone to dispose waste in public areas and to burn plastics.We should make use of public garbage bins for waste disposal.Then we can make out a clean and a healthy country.
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