Adventure is an unusual exceptional experience involving some kind of risk and an uncertain result. Adventure as many think is not associated with bravery. It is an excitement or the trill of engaging in a certain risky activity that pushes people towards adventure. Some adventure activities include sky diving. para-gliding, bungee jumping etc  Undertaking adventure activities with adequate safety measures will not do any harm.
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Hello friends, Thanks for giving me this opportunity.  I will express my views briefly on adventure.

  Let us know what an adventure is:

    An Adventure is a task more dangerous, difficult and risky than our usual daily tasks.  It  gives excitement and thrill.  It is a  challenge converted into a success.  To be an adventurer we need a lot of confidence, concentration, physical strength, coordination of our body and mind.

      Becoming an adventurer needs careful planning, continuous training, regular update of knowledge, use of technology, latest gadgets  and physical fitness.

       Examples are sky diving and bungee jumping, mountain climbing, rock climbing etc. Often a policeman's life and a detective's life are adventurous. In our childhood we too have done small adventures.  Nowadays a number of adventure sports are shown on television channels.

        Mandeep Singh Soin and Joydeep Sircar of India are famous mountaineering expediters.  Ferdinand Magellan of Portugal circumnavigated the Earth centuries ago.  Marco Polo was another adventurous explorer.

        I had also done some adventures some years ago and I still cannot forget those  experiences and I take pride in telling about them.


  Finally, I will say an adventure makes our life interesting.  Friends, I thank you all for listening to me attentively and silently. I hope you enjoyed my talk.

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