Neighbourhood shop

1. is a small building formalities to enter
3. limited variety of goods
4. no adjoining restaurants or cinemas

1. Huge multistoreyed building
2. have to go through a series of security checks
3. Variety of shops for various goods
4. Cinemas and eating joints are attached in the building
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Shopping mall

   1. contains all kinds of all items.
   2. Contains a large parking area.  It is huge and is divided into multiple floors and halls.
   3. There is a selection (display) area, packing area, many payment counters, and a delivery desk.
   4. For clothes, there will be trial rooms.
   5. Does a lot of business (turn over) in a day.
   6. Considerations of quality , profit margins, pricing and sale offers are different from small shops next door.
   7.  Employs a number of workers.  Each will have a specific duty.  There may be many partners owning a  mall.
   8.  Has a computerized monitoring for inventory.
   9.  They have a lot of security checks.
   10. A lot of customers visit once in a week and buy huge quantities.
   11. You select an item on display, in general.
   12. Items are packed, numbered and there are no variable quantity sales.

Neighborhood shop :

   1. Contains most essential items consumed daily.
   2. Quick to go to, for some small quantities of items, that we want to purchase.
   3. Often we recognize the vendor.
   4. We may get reduction in price, if we know the vendor.
   5. We may need to check quality.
   6. Less waiting time.
   7. The could be a problem of sufficient change, some times.
   8. we generally walk to it.  There may not be a special parking place.
   9.  There may one one owner and one or two workers.
  10.  Customer asks for an item or commodity and it is then brought outside and given.

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