1.  Clean Bharat a prosperous India.
2.  Cleanliness is duty towards nation.
3.  Clean environment cleanses the Body.
4.  Cleanliness is key to Good Health.
5.  Clean Bharat is Healthy Bharat.
6.  Clean water, clean river, clean roads, clean ocean a blessing to humanity.
7.  Clean India is green India.
8.  Lend your hand to clean the river.
9.  Clean India, one step towards Superpower.
10.  Put your heart and soul for clean India- Look Mahatma is watching
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Clean India is our duty and right.
Clean India Beautiful India.
Cleanliness is happiness.
Lets be Clean Lets be Civilized.
Let's make a right choice and use dustbin.
India is our home let's not make it dirty.
Cleanliness should not be foreseen it brings hygiene.   
Include 2 things in your routine- Cleanliness and hygiene.
Don't ever be MEAN to the ones who CLEAN.
Clean Bean got hygiene.
Cleanliness from inside and outside, Health automatically will reside both the sides
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