If its the jumman in the short story"god lives in panch":
  Jumman is a man of high intellect and reasoning power but still he is little selfish.He never keeps his promises.He can be described as a man who changes colours.
Jumman had a good friend named Algu who was a Hindu but still he had maintained his frienship with him. Though they were of two different religion their thinking mached. This shows that he is tolerant towards people of other religion. Jumman inspite of his behaviour towards his aunt has a great sense of understanding. Instances from the story proves this fact, when Jumman’s aunt called the Panchayat; Algu was one of the Panchs. Jumman thought his friend would take his side but he did not. Jumman was angry and wanted to take revenge, but he lacked oppurtunity. He got the oppurtunity to be one of the Panchs when the Panchaya was called against Algu; inspite of his thought of taking revenge. Jumman took the side of Algu as he was right. Atlast Jumman is a changed man, realising his responsibility and his mistake as a member of Panch.