Inventions have been made starting from the stone age till now. Inventions have played a definite role in human history. It has transformed human being in many ways. Since necessity is the mother of invention, we keep inventing for the time to come. It is the fact that the invention were made to prove the military muscle power of the  group or state. Subsequently this innovation has been utilized for civil use. Since beginning of this century, invention in the field science and technology has taken a leap. Invention of digital computer has been the greatest invention of all time. It has not only made man-machine work efficiently but has enhanced productivity. It has made world a global village, we can link and connect to large information. We can literally travel at the speed of thought and connect to any place of world. Answer here
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     Invention is the activity of investigating and finding a new method of achieving something, or a new device for use by people, or a new principle or concept or law that governs some physical quantities.  An invention is a qualitative jump over the existing implementation.    Inventions are the ones that made man progress from cave man to a a space voyager. 

1.   Language:

      Among the ancient inventions, the invention of a Language and its script as a medium of communication is the most important invention.  With out a means to express ones views either verbally or by means of writing, human beings would have been as good as the cave man.

         The language made a person do some thing in a life time and pass it on to the next generation.  The knowledge and culture gained by one generation became the starting point for another generation.  Hence we progressed.  We had books because we had a language to write.  Without reading books, even the great scientists could probably not invent much.

       The invention of language has allowed a person to think better, improve culture, further enabled many discoveries and inventions.  Language enabled people to live together harmoniously and establish family and society life.  A language is very essential for the development of a civilization. 

2.  Wheel

      The rotating wheel is one of the most important inventions of the ancient man.  A wheel is the basic part needed to transport a person or a good across from one location to another.  Without a wheel, pyramids, Eiffel tower, Taj mahal, and perhaps even our own house could probably be not built.  People had to walk and carry every load by themselves or on animals.  Many people would be doing labour work still, with out a wheel. 

3.  Semiconductor based transistor

          The invention of a semiconductor transistor device by Bardeen, Brittain and William Schockley has lead us to the development of most sophisticated computers, laptops, cell phones, calculators, appliances, weapons, gadgets etc.  In fact, this twentieth century advanced invention is the basis for every electronic device used today.

      With out a transistor device, there is no electronic control.  Half the total number of jobs in the world would not be there. Such a fast growth in the world would not be possible at all in the last fifty years.  This electronic device is controlling every other device now.  In fact, human being is not controlling the electronics any more.  It is the electronic controls that are controlling human beings.

4.  Electricity and electric lamp

      Electricity is most essential for anyone to live in this modern world.  Since a person wakes up in the morning till the person sleeps, everything is linked to electricity.  Most of the modern gadgets work on using current.  The invention of lamp by Thomas Alva Edison is significant in making the night as useful as the day.  Otherwise, we would not be able to do anything in the night.

       Without electricity and light we will not be able to put a step forward.   We are used to these inventions so much. .  A newspaper in the morning, electric stove, lighting, fan, water heater, battery, radio, TV, AC, etc. all things we make use of depend on electricity and the concept of electric circuit.

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