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1. What is an adventure ?

     An Adventure is a task more dangerous, difficult and risky than usual daily tasks.  An adventure gives us excitement and thrill.  Adventure is an out of the ordinary work that may be useful to the society like exploration of an undiscovered place or achieving some thing in a way people don't dare to do.

     Becoming an adventurer requires careful planning, continuous training, regular update of knowledge, use of technology, latest gadgets, stamina, good health, determination, fearlessness and physical fitness.

2. Why do we do adventures?

        Adventurers get bored with the usual ordinary life and they look for an extra excitement from life.  Achievement of extraordinary, unknown and a challenge gives them extreme satisfaction. They convert the challenge into a success.  To be an adventurer we need a lot of confidence, concentration, physical strength, coordination of our body and mind.

      Adventure helps u to extend our capabilities. Adventurers become famous celebrities.  People respect them.  They can get jobs or other opportunities.  Every person develops a desire to do some thing great in life at least once.  Achieving an adventure gives an immense satisfaction, with which they can live rest of their life.  Some persons have natural curiosity to just go for adventures.

     Many traditional heroic stories and tales encourage readers to perform adventures.  Those heroes and princes in those old days did adventures to prove that they are great achievers.

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ADVENTURURE is important in life coz it allows us to take challenges and face any problems without fear. so adventure is needed in life