among all the subjects many students are fond of science.Science class is interesting because we can know many things which we don't know.and science means about our surroundings and about all the things and science make us to gain more and more knowledge .in our life science plays a crucial is the favorite subject for all the students .so science class is is nothing but about us and about our surroundings .by studying science our thoughts are broaden and it creates positive mind about all the is available for everyone.and physics .physics is a branch of science.It describes about heat, light , other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism and etc......, and literally mean knowledge of nature and physics tells us about the things in our works and how they will work and one more branch is chemistry tells us about chemicals and their effects and other branch is biology it contains zoology and botany .zoology is about animals and botany is about plants
Science is interesting because my teacher teaches me not only the subject in books but also the things which are happening in our society.
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I am writing a short speech for 1 minute.

      Friends, I will mention some ideas on science and how our future depends on science.

What has the science for us ?

      Science has really done wonders for all of us and our lives. Science has discovered laws, has invented many new products. Engineers, doctors, and scientists have made a number of gadgets and appliances for use at homes, in offices or in industries.   Science continues to make our life easier, healthier and safer.

What bad has it done ?

     Science is leading to side effects like global warming, pollution, chemical weapons etc.  Unfortunately, science cannot prevent these side effects.

What is in store for us in future ?

      In future, science will advance more and improve quality of our life in each small aspect.  Medical science will make our life span longer and healthier.  Use of energy and resources will become more efficient.  We will be able to eat high quality food and drink high quality water.   More jobs and professions may evolve.

    At times one wonders if science will make our life more risky.  But I am optimistic about the future.

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