You should ask people to become self conscious and try to understand the importance of cleanliness. Even our prime minister Modi Ji's Swachch Bharat Campaign helped to sweep the garbage off our feet. So let us all try to clean our Mother India.
Cleanliness can be called as a step towards health. If there is garbage all over, it will attract pests, mosquitoes, insects and other germ-carriers. These all spread harmful diseases. Garbage also creates foul smell. So if cleanliness is taken care of, our country will become healthier.
Cleanliness will also help our country's tourism to replenish. Tourists love all the places and beauty of India but hate the dirtiness. So tourism will be more if our country will be cleaner.
We should educate our family and friends about the importance of cleanliness. 
We should always throw garbage in dustbins only.
We should take part in various campaigns like the latest "swachh Bharat abhiyan".
We should arrange for dustbins in public areas.