Continental Drift is a term used to describe the moving of tectonic plates below the surface of the earth. The Seven Continents we know today are formed from two other continents, Laurasia and Gondowana, as a conclusion of a continental drift.

Laurasia and Gondwana both formed from another single continent known as Pangea, also a result of continental drift.

                                         In the animated film "Ice Age: Continental Drift" , we are actually seeing the seperation of Pangea into Laurasia and Gondowana.

                                     Hope, you can understand.
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The slow and constant movement of continental plates is called the continental drift.

In the Earth's crust below surface, there are thick and large plates of Earth's material.  These are called plates.  The tectonics is the science related to the plates.  There are these plates under the sea and under the landmass. 

These tectonic plates under the land mass are called continental plates. These plates are supposed to be moving slowly and constantly since the beginning of formation of Earth.  The reason could be due to heat and pressure inside Earth.

The landmass on Earth has separate into continents as they exist now, due to movement of continental plates. Further, they cause Earthquakes when two plates collide.

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