please tell what exatly to write about health and fitness
It was nothing but the total body organisms are working perfectly with the mind and body co-ordination. The skin which is tightly fitted to the flesh inside the body which let you fit in types of things.
a very biological and medical way of looking at it. wow




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Health is the most important aspect of our life.  There is nothing more crucial than health for any human being.  When we are healthy we are able to enjoy our life well. We can laugh, smile, enjoy food, talk to our near and dear and sleep well.

       When our health is not at its best, we are unable to like anything.  We cannot enjoy eating, watching sports or movies.  We are unable to talk nicely with our near and dear or even sleep properly.  Our health is more valued than our wealth.  In fact, our elders have said that health is wealth.

     To maintain good health at its best all the time, we need to take care of hygiene and sanitation around us.  We must eat healthy and complete diet.  We must eat vegetables, milk, egg etc.  Just ensure that we take in sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins.  Further, we must maintain cleanliness in  our room, house and nearby surroundings.  In addition to those, fitness is needed to stay on top of physical health.  Physical and mental fitness is important for a person to be successful and contribute positively to the society.

   We can maintain mental fitness by regularly exercising of the mind, by reading, writing, problem solving and learning new topics.  If we idle our brain, it becomes dull and slow.  We need to maintain good relations with our relatives, friends and colleagues.

    We can improve our physical fitness by exercising regularly in the morning, and evening.  We can do walking in fresh air or jogging near parks.  We can do work outs in a gymnasium.  We keep our organs fit and working  this way.  When we are physically fit, we feel ourselves at the top of the world. We get a lot of confidence.  We clean our body of all the wastes produced in our body.  We will not become obese.  Many diseases do not come near us even.  We drive away lethargy.  Others too will like us.

   Maintaining health and fitness need not be costly.  It is with in the reach of every one.  We need to devote some attention and time to these aspects.  Otherwise, we may have to spend money to pay for medicines, clinics and doctors.  We may have to spend our time too.
  So I say " Stay healthy and fit and enjoy life the most."

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