1.      Holi is the festival of colours. It is my favourite festival because it brings lot of joy and happiness.
2.      Holi is a very important festival of India and falls in the month of March. This marks the beginning of the Spring season in India. The story associated with holi is about Prahlad a true devote of God.  Holika tried to kill Prahlad  by burning  him to death.  The fire burnt Holika and spared Prahlad. Remembering this event, effigies of Holika are made and burn by people. Holi is played with lot of fun and fare in Vrindavan, a holy birth place  of Lord Krishna.

3.      During evening hours  fire is lit. On the festival day women worship Holi. They take a few rounds of it.  In every house sweets and namkeens are prepared and are also distributed. During day time people come out of houses with dry and water colour and apply to one another. Their faces and clothes appears like mosaic of colours .People also sing and  make  merry.

4.  Holi  is celebrated by people of all  religions irrespective of any castes  and creeds.  This brings comradeship and fellow feelings.