Medicine is not a single field.It is an amalgamation of different fields.Medicine is man's best invention.Medicine sustains life on earth.medicine saves us from different not only cures but also prevents the diseases.Understanding the importance of medicine,many international organisations on health were founded like the WHO to create awareness among the masses.
In today's world a very little medicine can do that work that big injections of before can't do ancient time people thought that there is no treatment of Cancer but today it is cure by medicines too.....It is not good in taste but makes your life very good.....Health is very important without good health we can't do anything or it is little bit difficult to do medicines makes our health good today many people are facing Sugar some of the Diabetes and they regularly eat medicines helps them as it controls the Sugar and Diabetes and etc. diseases not to be more powerful.....
Medicines are one of the best invention of mankind....yes it is true ....people swallow or some medicines we have to eat and chew it because they watch a as you say in Hindi Umeed that they will be soon healthy....