Some songs r 
1, why this kolaveri in punjabi
2, count on me
3, lazy song
4,hall of fame
5,price tag
6,what does the fox say
7,rolling in the deep
8,replay ( zendayas as there r 2 replays)
10,call it whatever
12, this is how we do
listen to all as they all r good songs
found or not
not found
so let it be
u want the lyrics????
4 what all
Justin beiber _baby song
why dis kolavery
haye mera dil
sam sandhu mehrma
1 5 1
please give me some time
iam searching
i want short song not so big
manjha in hindi , rap god, criminal, till the world ends, and animals in english and for punjabi gora gora rang, proper patola
thank you