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I am standing here among the surrounding trees for many many years. It was the poor villagers who built the garbhagriha and positioned the deity. Then they built me with stones quarried from distant Rajasthan. People have come to me to pray for there wellbeing as well as seeking wealth. Students keep visiting during examination days for scoring better marks. I have seen the child at birth till his death; so many generation have gone by. Earlier people used to gather in the courtyard every morning and evening using oil lamps. Now they come here rarely and spent more time or work or home. Over the years the thatched houses of village have been converted to concrete buildings. Lot of electrification has taken place; villagers have put halogen lamps to light me up. People of village have moved out to town for work, they visit me when ever they visit village. Now only the old Brahmin takes care of me . I some time feel chocked by the pollution. The stones are getting affected by the dust, dirt and pollution. I failed to under stand why people are damaging the environment. I think this would bring end to me in future unless some corrective action are taken.
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