Clean India.......abhiyaan launched by our honorable PM Narendra Modi in Hindi its Swachch Bharat .....people are participating in this in abundant and that is a good thing ...... Cleanliness is one of the most important thing to develop our nation .......when our country would be clean it will attract tourists and make a good impression on them   We also say Cleanliness leads to Godliness  so if we say this we have to work on this make our country a place that is home of GOD ........We all should clean our country and make it like our Heaven  .......Its our Fundamental and also Moral duty towards our country........Also a clean country is a Healthy country.......when there is cleanliness ..there will be less germs so there will be less diseases and all the citizens would be Healthy and  Happy..........A developed nation is a clean nation and when the nation is clean it would be a developed nation.when we clean our homes and surroundings then while cleaning it we all get tired as in any festival like Diwali we clean our homes and after cleaning we all get tired but when the home looks too beautiful and good we forget our tiredness and become happy that only by cleaning we will be tired but after that we will be happy a lot.....