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********  First you should write about the book....using some good couple of sentences..!!then you should state that what is the most favourable thing you like about that particular book..!!..if there is anything that you dislikes about that can mention that things also..!then...Summarise some of your thoughts on the book by suggesting the type of reader you'd recommend the book to. Then you can rate the book also by giving 4-5 will show your interest towards that book..!!the name of the writer...the name of the book...its price..are the very common things to mention...! and also the things which are good you got to know after reading that book....and then after the conclusion of the book...and the moral...!!....

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first pick a  book you like and read t thoroughly. make notes of the important points in the book. then write your view on those points beside. the start writing a summary of the book with your views. also mention your fav character and the character you dont like. also mention ur fav part of the book. decorate the page nicely and make a cool cover page nd ur done :)