Clean india mission says that you have converted pen into broom 
   stop using plastics,throwing litter in the surroundings
    excreting in public places
     spiting out
     throwing garbage

Prime minister modi has laid a lot of emphasis on cleanliness. in this direction he launched the swatch bharat abhiyan this movement envisages a clean india through participation of every Indian a lot of suspicion prevails over the success of the campaign as many are arguing that until the attitude and mentality of people changes no campaign can clean India. so should government have launched a mass awareness mission to change the mentality prior to swatch bharat abhiyan. there will be no participation unless peoples attitude towards cleanliness and its important changes. Indians generally cares  very less about hygiene. most of them even split when ever they want, as they are unaware of the health implications. their habit will not change unless they are aware. workers indulge in cleaning jobs hardly gets any respect within the society.making people aware is important and more important is that this awareness is converted to action as government itself had taken the initiative this will definitely motivate the people and make them realise that cleanliness is not just governments responsibility. ultimately this act will not only force people to change their attitude of nothing will change but also ensures their participation too and this moment plays a major role in India.