Society needs genius but crazy genius are unfit because they get different thoughts for society that are not useful for society. society needs genius because some one should be there to do some thing or any thing to society which is good . genius are mostly good but some will be there they are crazy and mad in mind set they are good but they think of making society to be most developed that to be there right now. like now the generation belongs for normal treatment next generation is of stem cells if some genius makes a illegal project on stem-cells he will be called as crazy scientist or genius.
at last genius have to be in society for development of society.   
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It is correctly said that Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. It the absolute hard work which propel us to the level of genius. Different people have different degree of output and they  put in different level of effort. Keeping output constant- Inferior ability with more work is same as superior ability with less work. When the genius puts in more effort  his performance tough a new height unattainable by average person.But when they  elevate themselves to the peak, become a thorn for non performers.This happens  to scientists, writers, mathematicians, musical composers, and others engaged in mental activity. They become the victims of the situation created by mediocre people who controls the mind and thought of society. They targeted by jealous people and their actions are treated as  unsocial, blasphemy,vulgar, against the belief e. Some times they were victimized in that particular period where as appreciated in other period. They are ahead of their time hence, are misfit in society but they are also need of the society.
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