Adventure is undertaking a task with an unknown outcome.An adventure involves risk and excitement.Its commonly associated with the outdoor games or sports but well, everything thing you do which has an unknown outcome is adventure.
    People in today's world lack a sense of adventure.We need a lot of confidence, concentration, physical strength, coordination of our body and mind to be able to successfully complete an adventurous task.Adventures provide us refreshment from our daily routine.It 's a stressful task , but it helps us to gain self-confidence.
    But these adventures can be deadly as well .They are well capable of taking our lives away.In sky-diving and other such activities, they make us sign papers stating that we are completely responsible for our life ; which proves nothing but the fact that they are dangerous .
    So i would conclude saying that  adventures are part and parcel of our life . But we must take necessary steps to be safe and save our precious life.
adventure.. when we hear this word our body starts shaking and mind diverts to an interesting place like a forest..beach or sky ..everyone likes going on an adventure...Adventure that is unplanned...that is full of risks and tragedy ....adventure is that where we don't know what will happen of the best adventures book is Robinson Crusoe...In which Crusoe sets on an adventure on an island for 27 years......And the best adventures movie is Harry Potter....In this Potter and his friends fight against Voldemod (the villain of the movie) ......Its my favorite book and movie....  
Adventures are like- skydiving...searching for ghosts in an old bungalow...forest trekking...bungee jumping ...etc...