Good morning/afternoon to every one.
                                                    Here firstly I would like to tell you all, about the prevention of pollution the entire planet is our home. we are the only spices that systematically destroy our own habit.  pollution prevention is an exceptionally major global concern because of the human effects of pollution on the person's health and on the environment. Environmental pollution comes in various forms such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution etc. every one is the stakeholder as we are all inhabitants of this one and only mother earth. Each person has something to contribute to advance an affective pollution prevention awareness initiatives. Environmental protection is carrying for ourselves and ensuring a sustainable feature for generation to come.if we heal the earth ,we heal ourselves.One person alone cannot save the planets biodiversity , but each individuals effort to encourage natures wealth must not be underestimated.The following steps may prevent pollution 1. plant more trees 2. Don't waste water 3. Use cloths bag and stop usage of plastic bags.  
                                                           Thank you.

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Hai friends. Good evening/ morning to one and all gathered here.    Today i want discuss with you on the current topic i.e., prevention of pollution. today it is a major problem that is facing by the whole world. this is the man made problem. deforestation, mining, using vehicles for travelling short distances etc., are responsible for pollution. this damages the ozone layer. by this sun rays falls directly on earth. to avoid this problem we have to begin the afforestation. When improving or remodeling your home, try to salvage materials or buy recycled products. Flooring,insulation, plastic lumber, woodwork, shingles,and many garden/lawn products can be made from recycled materials. to reduce waste with reusable shopping bags.  we have to use the vehicles to travel far distances only etc. when we are go by walk without using vehicles for shorter distances, our health will be in good condition.
                so avoid pollution and keep your health in good condition.
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