Swachh Bharat a movement launched by our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi in order to clean our country ,,our cities and our schools clean ...a clean india is a free india from diseases and ... today's children are the future so..cleanliness training must be given from school level itself..clean schools will make children clean and healthy ..we should not make our school dirty by throwing wastes materials on the ground or in campus ..we are the future that is why we should make sure that our surrounding is neat and clean and Gandhi ji's dream was not only of a free indian but also of a clean india we must contribute in this mission
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Clean India.....or Swachch abhiyaan launched on 2nd October, 2014 the birthday of Gandhi ji by our PM Narendra Modi....this abhiyaan was like a gift to Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday....
If our country would be clean would be free from germs that means free from diseases our country India would be Clean ...Healthy and...Happy Country .... tourists would like to visit our country....and we all will be happy to see this that our country is now so beautiful....
Our schools should be clean as we say all movements start from home and schools are the home for students we should clean our school as it is our Moral Duty ....Students are the future and schools are the places where the future learns if we want a clean ..healthy and happy future so we should teach children about that and children learn in schools so firstly schools should be clean....
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