1)taj mahal: it is india's most iconic monument and one of teh seven wonders of the world.
2)madurai: ancient madurai  is one of the most impressive and important temples in south india.
3)fort kochi: it is know as gateway to kerala. the arabs.the dutches, the portuguese all have left a remarkable mark in the city.
4)munnar:the surrounding region has sprawing tea plantations. if u wanna enjoy the beautiful and awesome nature u must take a visit.
5)khajuraho erotic temples: it is one of the top historic destinations in india. its has fine art and amazing sculptures.

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1 Taj Mahal one of the greatest monuments in the world.
2 golden temple the greatest place for sikhs to visit
3 sanchi stupa one of the oldest monument
4 red fort shows the might of mughal empire
5 qutamb minar one of the highest monuments in india