An invention is the creation of a new material or we can say that the action of inventing something new is called invention.


Today we 
live in the age of science.But in past we don't have enough knowledge or we can say information. We have to travel a long distance by foot . Then we  "the great human beings" invent the rotating wheel which in later we use it as a roller then sledge then sledge on roller and so on . See in the first figure .


In the ancient time or past we had very problems in the farm lands says food take so much time to grow , ploughing etc . But because of these machines ( Tractor ) we can easily plough and the food gets ready in shorter period of time . Also these machines are used everywhere . We use air conditioners to keep our room cool , we use room heaters to keep our room hot . We use vehicles to travel long distances.See in the second image.

Telephones/Mobiles :

Telephones are also a great invention of the men . We can communicate with our relatives or friends who are living far away from us . These telephones also play a crucial role in the business . We can save our time without travel a long distances with the help of mobiles/telephones . See in the third image . 

Computers :

Also computers have a great importance in the modern society. From the beginning to the modern world computers are progressing. This computer is not a simple machine . Computers change the lifestyle of the people . Only through computers our country is a developed and success country.

These all inventions have their its own merits . All are best inventions . So we can't say that only one is the best invention as every invention play a crucial role in our life .
Twheel or potter's wheel being developed in either of the Americas so it is assumed that it was brought over from the Old World. However, it is believed that the Mayans were using some primitive version of a wheel before the Spaniards conquered the area. The actual origin of their wheel is unknown.

It is hard to believe that something as simple as a wheel can have so much history. The fact that it has been around for so long brings up questions in the minds of researchers as to what is actually accurate. Not many people stop to wonder about where  the wheel actually came from, it is simply taken for granted that it is here for our convenience. It has become a part of everyday life. There are different types of wheels all around, some that people do not even notice. Wheels have evolved greatly and made such an impact on today's world. through research, scientists have found that there is no evidence of the wheel throughout the Paleolithic period or the early Neolithic period. Researchers have found evidence of wheels being used in the Old World during a period called the New Stone Age and the Bronze Age. It is known that Egyptians began centering clay upon a potter's wheel in order to create pottery before 4000 B. C. It is believed that the potter's wheel preceded the wheel used by the Sumerians for transportation. There is no evidence of the