swanchh sonch (clean and good thinking) and swachh bol (clean and good words) ..
when our mind and thinking will be clean ...then only we will be able to speak good words for others...for example when our mind and thinking is good for others and don't have bad thoughts or cheapness then only we can talk to others in a good manner we know that OUR WORDS REPRESENT OUR CHARACTER.....  so a people judge us on how we speak and how we behave and on what kind of manners and adequates we have when our mind will be clean then our words will automatically be clean and our character will be good......... so we should think clean....speak good words ....and then our character will be clean

hope it helps u :D
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God gave us 2 wonderful things.1. heart 2. mindif we think everything positively and do good things heartfully, then everyone loves us and treat us as a good friend. if we speak soft spoken words heartfully, then everyone give respect to us. we can do all these things when we think and take all the things positively. not only those the words we speak also comes from our mind and heart. so all these things depends on our mind. so please swach soach and swach bol to be as a good citizen
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