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I am writing ASL for two to three minutes.  Please pick two sentences from each paragraph to make it shorter.

Hello friends, I speek now on a topic of tremendous interest to science lovers. 


       Invention is the activity of investigating and finding a new method of achieving  something, or making a new device, or formulating a new principle or concept or law that governs us or nature.   (Discovery finds something which is already there, but we have not known about it.)

Let us take some names now:

      Great scientists like Newtons, Edison, Chandra Shekhar,  JC Bose, CV Raman, Eintstein, Archmedis, Pascal, Bernouli, Arya Bhatta, Curie, B Gates, Thomson are all great inventors.  The invention of semiconductor transistor device by Bardeen and Brattain and William Schockley has lead to the most sophisticated computers, laptops, cell phones, calculators etc.  Every electronically controlled device makes use of their inventions.   The invention of USB by Ajay Bhatt has allowed use of many devices with computer.  Their lives inspire us to strive to achive a similar glory.

Let us know what is needed to be inventive:

      One needs to be creative, objective, have analytical capacity, mathematically good, ability to correct own faults, and to work alone.  Excellent abilities to visualize and imagination are needed.   We take the challenge in front of us to find solutions, in favorable or unfavorable situations.

      Inventors dedicated their lives to their field and to the good of mankind. Many of them sacrificed their personal life and made our life on Earth today comfortable.  It was not easy for them.  But inventors make a lot of money and become world famous.  ( Alfred Nobel made a lot of money and the prize money comes from the interest on that.)



     Let us all work systematically to invent, and encourage inventors.  Let us make our life better tomorrow.

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